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Fusion Extrusion Welder

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Weldplast S2 TPO

Price: 100000 INR/Piece

The WELDPLAST S2 TPO extruder is designed specifically to process thermoplastic elastomers with an olefin base. This type of plastic requires a different plasticization process, as well as specific extruder screws. TPO plastics are used primarily in tunnel construction and underground engineering. In this kind of work and application, the WELDPLAST S2 TPO makes the most of its size and weight due to a large part of the welds taking place overhead. These applications can only be handled over a longer period of time with such a light device.

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Fusion 2 Extrusion Welder

  • Delivery Time:1 Week
  • Supply Ability:100-150 Per Week
  • Usage:Boat construction and repair, Landfill and mining membrane welding, Pipe and tube welding, Plastic repairs, Plastic tank fabrication, Pond waterproofing, Reservoirs and canals waterproofing, Tunnel waterproofing.
  • Power:2600 - 2800 W Watt (w)
  • Voltage:120 - 230 V Volt (v)
  • Dimensions:LENGTH 450.0 mm WIDTH 98.0 mm HEIGHT 225.0 mm Millimeter (mm)
  • Weight:5.9 kg Kilograms (kg)
  • Type:Extrusion Welder
  • Color:Green
  • Height:225.0 mm Millimeter (mm)
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FUSION 1 Extrusion Welder

The FUSION 1 redefines extrusion welding with its compact and slim design. The double-sided rod intake offers increased flexibility and the attachable handle ensures increased agility in the welding process. An attachable handle ensures high agility in the welding process. The integrated LED light illuminates the welding zone optimally as needed. The FUSION 1 is the right extruder for plastic repairs and in pipe, tank and container construction. The welder can also be suspended, thus enabling longer and hassle-free welding. The FUSION 1 impresses with its automatically regulated air temperature and is indispensable with the right welding shoe.

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The WELDPLAST S4 extruder from Leister is available in two designs: one option suited for equipment and container construction with a lateral, hot air nozzle, and as an underground engineering version with a top-mounted, pre-heating nozzle. Depending on the variant chosen, the user can process welding wire with cross sections of 3 and 4 (0.12 and 0.16 in) or 4 and 5 mm (0.16 and 0.20 in). The high powered, brushless blower guarantees excellent pre-heating for the high output class.